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Hey, Everyone! Welcome to my Virtual Home. Here you can find my blog posts, links to my podcast and ways to my social media.

First off, I’d like to tell you a little bit about me. I’m 19 years old, from just north of London, and I love animals! I own a horse and a dog; I love both of them very much. I studied horses for a year, and recently became a dog walker. I have to say there are many moments I prefer animals over humans- no offence!

Arts and crafts, are also something I enjoy. I’ve knitted a few hats, and even had a go at sewing my own skirt. Before you are remotely impressed, just bare in mind I never said they are wearable…

Food is also a huge passion of mine. I mean who doesn’t like a good burger?! Oh, and cake. You have got to love cake. I like cooking, however, I have to admit I don’t do it much at the moment.

I feel very passionately about Mental Health, as this is something which as had a huge impact on my life. If you would like to hear my mental health story in more depth, I recommend having a little listen to my podcast.

Anyway, that’s a quick over view of me! Feel free to grab a cup of tea, pick a pew, and stay for a while. I hope you enjoy getting to know me through my podcasts, blog post and Instagram. If you have any questions, please feel free to pop me a message through the ‘Contact Me’ page.

Speak soon my chums,

Verity x

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